15 Jun

  • By studentauthor

On the 15th March, Swansea Campus sixth form went to Gloucester Campus to encourage and motivate the students there as they commence their SDL journey.  After a quick snack we headed to the local sports centre with the Gloucester Campus sixth formers, which the owner decided not to open for us.  So we then decided to drive around Gloucester for 30 minutes before finding a Dominos where we demolished around 15 large pizzas before driving back to the sports centre – just to check that in some freak burst of luck the guy hadn’t opened up.  No, of course not, so the boys drove to another sports place for a quick game of football whilst the girls headed back to the school to teach some Year 6’s and 7’s about the SDL and answer their questions.  We then had an assembly where there were a number of speeches from the Gloucester head teacher, Dr England, Abigail Doling and Linus Watson!!  The Year 6 and 7 students also had to present what they had learnt about SDL.  With a round-off from the Gloucester band, we headed back across the bridge!

Dean Rusling

Click below to watch a video of this event.