03 Sep

  • By studentauthor

Here at Swansea Campus we’re very pleased to announce our outstanding AS and A level results.  The achievements of our students are a testament not only to how hard they have all worked and the exceptional dedication they have put into their studies this year, but also the success of self-directed learning.  All our students have whole-heartedly embraced this brand new concept and implemented it into their studies, achieving far more than we ever hoped they would, as is reflected in these results.

A Level Results

We had a fantastic set of A level results this summer, with a pass rate of 100%.   Between them the six graduates, which included one SEN student, achieved a total of 18 full A levels, all of them grade A* to E.  In addition to this, they reached a grade A* to E in a total of 10 separate AS level qualifications and other free standing qualifications, alongside their A levels.  Every graduate had enough points to enter a university and two out of the six students attained points equivalent to 3 As, which is a tremendous achievement.  A huge congratulations all of you for your hard work and dedication!

AS Level Results

Our AS level results at Swansea Campus were equally impressive and again there was a 100% pass rate.  The six students achieved a total of 23 AS levels, all of them grade A to E.  This is a fantastic accomplishment, a big well done to everyone!