25 Sep

  • By studentauthor

There has been a change to the house teams for the 2016-17 school year.  There are now three teams used by all Focus Schools nationally.  These are:

  • Troopers (Red)
  • Warriors (Green)
  • Raiders (Yellow)

Our house teams for Years 3 to 13 are as follows:

Trent (Captain) Keir (Captain) Linus (Captain)
Abi (Captain) Sophie (Captain) Tanya (Captain)
Marshall Carlie Martina
Heidi Jodie Hywel
Dale Annabelle Hettie
Zena Kent Brendan
Angelo Silas Alec
Brittany Lisa Hayley
Euan Clarke Denley
Nicole Dewi Curtis
TJ Sholto Anya
Tyler Rafferty Jed
Carlin Leighton Felix
Yasmin Aislinn Kyros
Kyden Blake Zac