03 May

  • By admin

The 10 September 2015 brought much excitement and apprehension to Swansea Campus; the official Election Day to choose a Head Boy & Girl had dawned.  Lunch time arrived and the polling station was open.  Ballot papers were filled in and ready to be posted while the ballot boxes were frantically being assembled!  11 minutes later, after 49 votes had been cast, the winners were announced; Harry Hewison and Tanya Marsh!

After initially being very unsure, it has now been made very clear to us what our roles and responsibilities are.  Although our role is incredibly varied we do have some specific duties:

  • Being a role model to the other students
  • Acting as the ‘voice’ of the senior and primary students
  • Meeting any visitors to the school
  • Chairing the school council
  • Ensuring suitable behaviour is promoted at all times

Throughout this school year we have in mind to extend the gym, improve the award system and set up an ongoing fundraising scheme to continue improving the school.

We have only been voted into this position in the recent months, and although we still have a lot to learn, we look forward to working with everyone.