07 Dec

  • By grahamd

On 7 July, the primary students visited their local Tesco store as part of their Farm to Fork initiative. Farm to Fork is a nationwide initiative dedicated to getting children interested in where their food comes from.

farm to fork 2

The children were given activity sheets to complete where they had to name two foods grown above ground, below ground, on a vine or on a bush. This was not as easy as it seems! We tasted a selection of fruits including an unusual-looking fruit (shown in the picture, with what appears to be seeds in it) called a granadilla. None of us had heard of it before but it belongs to the passion fruit family and is the first fruit and juice given to babies in Peru. Most of us tasted it and found it was very sweet, but its appearance let it down. Once someone mentioned frog spawn and fish eyes, it put everyone off!

The children then went on to look at the fish counter and were given pictures of fish to identify. They enjoyed this the most. The visit was rounded off with squash and biscuits and all children were given a goody bag. Thank you Tesco!

Mrs Restall