Every individual has the ability to learn, so the curriculum aims not only to maximise but also increase this ability and meet the needs of all pupils regardless of where they currently are. It is designed to provide opportunity for unrestricted progress in all subject areas at all levels.

As independent schools we ensure that our curriculum conforms to UK Independent Schools Standards Regulations 2012 requirements in the context of the aims of the schools.

Using the National Curriculum as a framework, we focus on a core range of subjects and ensure pupils experience linguistic, mathematical, scientific, technological, human, social, physical, aesthetic and creative education. Within this, the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of every child is fostered and the mediums of delivering the curriculum facilitate the acquiring of skills required to learn, as well as specific knowledge and understanding.

Academic achievement is important and we want every student to really do their best. It is important that they leave school with grades that will reflect their true ability and open doors in and for the future. We provide a curriculum that is broad, balanced and rigorous; one that offers students the opportunity to understand a subject beyond what is required to merely pass an exam.

To achieve this, we encourage a creative, innovative approach that develops a lively and interesting learning environment which in turn inspires students to engage with and enjoy the subjects being taught.

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